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Rouge Communiqué is a Professional Conference Organising, Training and Communications Consultation company that has been founded on the principles of shared values and mutual respect and ensuring that the events we organise are not only a true success, but the event itself leaves a favourable lasting impression for those that attend.


There is a combined experience level of more than 14 years and a vision of offering our clients a one-stop service whereby every aspect of their event is catered for from start to finish. Our organisation is unique in that we also offer industry research combined with conference/workshop/seminar production facilities.


We seek to assist our clients with advice that is tailor made for their specific requirements and whilst every event works on the same principle every event has a unique aspect to it that will ensure to distinguish it from other occasions.


Our expertise lies in the fields of conferencing, educational seminars and workshops, marketing, brand management, and tourism and incentive services well as our extensive knowledge in creating corporate add-on functions which are to be remembered by all.  Rouge Communiqué is the only Professional Conference Organiser to have ever been a member of and elected onto the Executive Committee of the Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa).



Our vision is to be a strategic link between the client and their customers. Our organisation will remain agile in ever-changing work environments. We will conduct business in an ethically responsible manner.




We will continue to creatively develop simple and effective systems and strategies to service our clients. Transparency and honesty are the pillars of our moral and ethical business behaviour. We strive to build long and sustainable relationships with all our clients.


Large scale international conferences

Association annual meetings

Medium scale local and international conferences

Add-on social functions

Training seminars

Tourism and Incentive services


Road shows

Public relations surrounding conferences and workshops

Project management for events




Liaison and meetings with committee members

Accommodation planning

Theme and artwork development

Travel, transport and pre/post tours

Venue sourcing

Partners’ programme

Budget planning


Conference/workshop secretariat

Décor, staging, audio visual and communications

Attendee registration

Themed activities

Event management

Leisure activities

Event documentation

On-site conference team

Conference programme

On-site central info desk

Speaker programme

Administration services

Exhibition management

Financial management and reconciliation


  • We have over 14 years combined experience in conferencing, training, tourism and marketing
  • Our main focus is conferences, workshops, training seminars and tutorials
  • We are skilled in event management, event budget creation and control, event marketing, add-on social function organisation and using the latest technology to achieve a smooth interaction between event organiser and customer
  • Transparency and honesty in all business conduct


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